From a College Drop-out to becoming the Youngest Launch Director of BNI | Meet Ayush Bansal

From a College Drop-out to becoming the Youngest Launch Director of BNI | Meet Ayush Bansal

Ayush Bansal

Sagacity comes with experiences and not age. Ayush Bansal’s story from being an early bird and founding CleanZone to becoming one of the youngest and massive record creating Launch Director in BNI’s history testifies the saying. From Delhi to Surat, from Textile Industry to Laundry Industry, Ayush’s journey is a thrilling ride from highs and lows. Discover it here:

The Beginning:

Born and brought up in an affluent household of Begusarai, Ayush Bansal was a smart kid, who wasn’t very keen on studying. Despite being above average in academics and passionate in leading and managing events, Ayush did not pursue a competitive course. Growing up, he was always fascinated with the idea of modern machinery and their workings. He vividly recollects, watching a documentary on television that showcased the Laundromats in the western world. That left a lasting impact on young Ayush, but then he never imagined it to be the trigger of fate. He came to Surat 3 Years back as a Mass Communication drop-out and a business experience with corporates with his younger brother Piyush Bansal, with the dream of starting his own, independent business & stepped into Textile Industry. But he wasn’t prepared to invest himself in something that didn’t fascinate him at all, and that business plan came to an abrupt end. So, after this trial and error episode, he finally, turned his intrigue into a line of work and founded CleanZone, a laundry startup based on laundromat format, that is one of its kind in the city and future developments and advances are being prepared to make it one of its kind in the country. His venture provides door to door service across Surat with a plethora of other value-based services. It exclusively cleans everything that can be cleaned, from table runners to upholstery; from restaurants, spas and salons to domestic garments and party wear, from shoes, bags to luggage and curtains to blinds. Meanwhile, Ayush joined the local chapter in BNI (Business Network International), world’s largest business networking and business referral organization and underwent a training to become a launch director. His amiable nature gained him a lot of friends and acquaintances, and within a small span of time, he made a World Record in BNI History of 33 Years to launch a chapter with the highest number of members on-board, till date with 112 entrepreneurs.

Beyond the Barriers:

No great story comes without struggles and resistance. But no obstacle is strong enough to withstand your fierce faith in yourself. Initially, the major challenge that Ayush’s venture faced was the brawls between the customers and employees on a daily basis. But patience and innovation are the solutions to everything. His younger brother Piyush Bansal has been his backbone handling all the operations. Today, overcoming all those hurdles, he is planning to develop an application to ensure the authenticity of their services. He is planning to make his start-up entirely data-driven with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence and analytical tools, a first of its kind in the laundry industry so far. And with his attitude, 26-year-old Ayush has testified that ‘Tough times never last, but tough people do’.

The Wall of Fame:

Ayush was recognized as one of the youngest Launch Director on 28th July 2017 to launch the World’s Largest BNI chapter with 112 entrepreneurs on board with 623 Visitors. He also launched the Second Largest chapter of BNI world with 102 people within 74 days from the first chapter and was acknowledged for the same. Today Ayush Bansal is no more a part of Surat BNI but God had better plans for him, he has been elevated and selected as the Regional Director for BNI Vapi, Valsad, Silvassa & Daman directly from the BNI Head Quarters which is to be launched very soon. Starting from ground zero, Ayush is now a well-known luminary and has done some notable work in his field of work. In the present time, anything you keep a finger on might be a possibility and Ayush has proven it time and again. All you need to have is patience, perseverance and the conviction to never keep a stone unturned. Today, Ayush Bansal is an influential figure for the youth, who inspires many to step out of their comfort zones and chase their dreams.