June 9, 2020

Eastern Techno Solutions: Local Roots, Global Success.

June 9, 2020

Eastern Techno Solutions: Local Roots, Global Success.

It’s not about the dream, it’s not about the vision, it’s about having the courage to take that very first step—to start. There are no secret ingredients for success, it’s the result of endless perseverance, undeterred dedication, and sacrifice. As Steve Jobs has rightly said “If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” That is how Keyur and Dishant of Eastern Techno Solutions built a thriving web development company from scratch, with their own blood, sweat and tears. Read on to know more about their story.

The Stepping Stones

Best friends all through their college years at Nirma University, Keyur and Dishant pursued engineering in Information Technology, eventually going on to work at multinational corporations. Dishant worked at Infosys in Kerala while Keyur worked at Cognizant Technologies in Pune for almost a year. 

Determined to start something of his own, Keyur always had the dream of creating his own legacy. The idea for a web development company sparked and he immediately called Dishant to Pune to explicate his idea and get him on board. Both men decided to quit their jobs to make their dreams into reality. Dishant who is from Jamnagar trusted Keyur and decided to move to Surat where they incepted Eastern Techno Solutions.

Building a Legacy

Undeterred by financial difficulties, Dishant and Keyur put all the money they had earned while working for MNCs into starting their own venture. They worked tirelessly for almost two and a half years, regularly spending more than 12 hours in the office each. They developed websites, taught programming languages to college students, worked for an accounting company, all from their office to meet their ends and sustain ETS. 

Keyur is a visionary while Dishant is an integrator. Keyur is the one who is always coming up with a list of ideas every week for the business, and is a natural creative problem-solver. He operates more on emotion than on logic and strongly values the company culture. Dishant provides the logical and structured approach that is needed for operations and key technological challenges. Keyur and Dishant’s relationship is a two-piece puzzle, which makes for a winning formula. They worked day and night relentlessly with unmatched perseverance to achieve their goals. They just wanted to make an impact in the city initially, and along the way they found amazing team members which eased their struggle. Zil Mehta (Keyur’s sister) and Ayushi Shah (from Oracle Mumbai) joined their team in 2014, which helped the company climb greater heights, and they soon became the other two pillars of Eastern Techno Solutions.

Exploring New Horizons

Keyur moved to Melbourne in 2015, which gave Eastern Techno Solutions a massive potential to explore clients outside of India. He started a full-time job in AKQA to understand the Western market, as well as delve into new technologies and tools used in the industry to support himself and his company financially. 

Keyur would work after coming home from his full-time job in Melbourne, communicating with the Surat office to make sure they meet their deadlines, having regular meetings with clients, implementing new changes based on his experience in Western World. Dishant was single-handedly managing to do his part of the job, as well as Keyur’s to sustain their company. He was working longer hours, handling technical challenges, as well as local clients, which was all Keyur’s expertise. Both men went back to working 12 to 14 hours a day for two and a half years until Keyur decided to quit and dedicate all his energy and efforts towards making their business flourish. 

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A Brighter Future

Today, Eastern Techno Solutions is one of the growing web development companies, taking on national as well as international clients. Some of the best brands they have worked with have been Kmart Australia, Service Foods in New Zealand, The Modist in Dubai, Itomic in Melbourne, Perfect Brows NYC in New York, Opulent Fine Jewels in Hong Kong, Optima Value Pro and Digital Door in Surat. 

The company is thriving today because of all the hard work and combined efforts of Keyur and Dishant. Dishant oversees the current technology and creates relevant policy, his knowledge helps the company to align technology-related decisions with the organization’s goals. Keyur takes responsibility for management, marketing, and sales, conducting meetings with clients about new prospective projects, as well as maintaining healthy relationships with existing clients, and taking day-to-day decisions about operations. 

Some of Eastern Techno Solutions’ future goals include constantly keeping their tools and technologies updated, amping up productivity in business, creating a new in-house product, going paperless, improving financial health, creating a new customer service product, and working with the best of clients in India, Australia, and New Zealand. Check out their website for more information!