Adding a touch of luxe and artistic touch to your interiors: Devyani Kumari defines aesthetics

Adding a touch of luxe and artistic touch to your interiors: Devyani Kumari defines aesthetics

Devyani Kumari

Your spaces are a pure reflection of who you are and an assemblage of all that you love. Therefore having an interior designer who understands you and your ideas is very important. With the changing era and trends, it is always best to stand out. Open your doors to avant-garde and ritzy interiors with Devyani Kumari’s ‘The Kotri’. A bespoke interior designer and home stylist, she has designed and styled numerous homes and boutique hotels across the country. 

Creating spaces like no other and a niche in the market, read on to know more about this dynamic interior designer. 

Tending to her roots

Devyani was born into a family where antiques and fine objects were loved and upheld. And that’s where her passion to create something distinct and the unique style took roots. Travelling across the globe further helped her hone her taste for fine objects and aesthetics. 

It all started when she got back to Jaipur after completing her Masters in 2010. Her father decided to renovate their ancestral home and she took it as an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge before setting out to start something of her own. She worked on the project without involving any architects or interior designers in the process. From choosing of the tiles for the flooring to putting together the woodwork, she did it all. She even took it upon herself to design the doors, windows, cupboards, handles, door knobs, light fixtures and other accessories. 

After seeing a positive response of people for her work, she started taking up projects in Jaipur but later on moved to Gurgaon in 2014 and set up The Kotri’s office there. Initially just executing projects in Delhi NCR, Devyani gradually extended her scope of work and is currently creating magic pan India. 

The Kotri: Inside story

 Devyani aims to create designs based on client’s lifestyle demands and their aesthetic preferences under her label- The Kotri. Keeping in mind people’s personal vision and choices, she makes sure to involve them in the process of creation. Her forte lies in balancing colours, textures and lighting to reflect the client’s personalities. Working in the field since the past seven years, Devyani has successfully created and executed designs for numerous homes, boutique hotels and office spaces. The main idea behind her designs is to tell a story of its own and which is why her style is so distinct. 

They have recently started their own custom furniture line, where each individual piece of furniture is designed and retailed. The furniture line includes products like small end tables, beds and even sets for the entire house. They also provide with consultancy services for clients who wish to revamp only a particular section of the house. 

Inspired and how

Talking about inspiration, she shares, “I’m inspired by the beautiful things in life like art, design, photography, architecture, and of course people! I often get inspired by different cultures and my travels. My parents and my paternal grandfather have been a huge source of inspiration for me. My Dadosa (paternal grandfather) had a huge collection of antiques: furniture, fabrics, crockery, ceramics, chandeliers etc and having grown up which such fine objects around me, really inspired me to design beautiful spaces.”

Devyani Kumari
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Flinging to the future 

With changing times, the challenges have decreased. Giving more room for improvement and for introducing novel concepts. But sourcing of good printed fabrics for upholstery which are not exorbitantly priced still poses as a challenge. 

Growing against all odds, Devyani wishes to expand into making exclusive fabrics and home decor accents along with a physical store for The Kotri. 

If you are an aesthete who likes all things exclusive and peculiar, then The Kotri is here to fulfil all that you fancy. Head over to their page to catch a glimpse of their work and contact them to give your spaces a new look.