Ajiliyaa – The Exclusive Boutique Cafe

Ajiliyaa – The Exclusive Boutique Cafe

For Surat, the city that is at its threshold to build a better version of itself, chance to embrace fresh and new waves of change, comes as a perk.

The latest stir to ruffle the hues in fashion industry is Ajiliyaa, Surat’s first of its kind store. From being the home to some of the most exquisite & exclusive apparel and accessories’ labels, it’s also a boutique cafe that serves the classiest of fashion trends as per the patron’s taste and preference, with healthy beverages and snacks to munch on while shopping.

Inspired from Greek architecture, the store welcomes one with a lushly white scenic treat. A lavish snowy white bungalow with royal blue windows and doors, surrounded by crisp green belt, it definitely makes one feel special to just be there. The spacious setting of the store, where each corner renders shelter to a different designer, works wonders for the shoppers who tour through them one by one like pealing different golden cards off the racks and hangers.

At Ajiliyaa, they believe that Fashion is an instant language and every individual reflects differently to it. What starts as a mere form of clothing and presenting oneself, more than often ends up defining and molding the demeanor of the wearer. In these fast pacing times, it is essential to be sure of oneself and right dressup plays a huge part in it. Hence, Ajiliyaa, a multi designer and lifestyle store, brings in a sensational fusion of unique designs by a team of starcast designers who give their best of all collections to be showcased only at Ajiliyaa. The expert designers come from all the corners of the country and have signed a pact to exclusively work with Ajiliyaa in the entire Surat, which makes the store an outstanding place to find an array of distinctive ensemble like nowhere else.

Run by Ajita Italiya, the exquisite place exemplifies grandeur and class, that shelters an in-house cafe for serving the patrons in a crisp, refreshing style. The cafe can be more rightly tagged as a health cafe, where delicious food meets fitness enthusiasts, in the perfect airy setting. The main idea is to serve every lady who walks in, with a memorable experience that is substantially more than just assuaging their shopping spree. It is invigorating to witness the ladies exploring the store, filled with much awe and fascination. On a parting note, Ajita Italiya accentuates that now women in Surat would palpably feel more at ease to come out of their comfort zones and try on different styles and designs that they might not have dreamt of doing, earlier. Believing in oneself, experimenting with styles and defining one’s own at the end, will set a new fashion trend and all by itself.

Visit the store at A-1, Ajit park society, kakadiya complex lane, Ghod dod road, Surat, India or contact 098258 85000 and see it for yourself!