December 6, 2018

Budding Them Dreams | The Leaf Story – Painting the City Green

December 6, 2018

Budding Them Dreams | The Leaf Story – Painting the City Green

The leaf story

The miracle of a single tree in the middle of nowhere originates from its own power, its own belief in itself. And so started the poignant yet poetic journey of The Leaf Story; quite literally. The green thumb of this startup, Swastika Mukherjee, is a painter, illustrator, and an NIFT alumnus, who has worked with designer apparel brands and MNC Corporates, and has also exhibited her creations across India & France. An  architect & artist, Nouman Malik is also adroit in Photography, Film Making, Furniture Designing, Brand Development, Public and Land Art, Interiors and Landscaping, and happens to be the accomplice of Swastika in building & curating The Leaf Story.

Let’s learn who, when, why & how the seeds of this green venture were sown, from the founders themselves.

What is the story behind you starting ‘The Leaf Story’?

We worked on a lot of landscaping projects and one of them included a large scale tree transplantation scope. This was 5 years ago, on a township site, and had 182 trees to be transplanted. Now, to go through this process of transplantation, of these 80-100-year-old trees, was a herculean task in itself. Though we completed the task with an excellent survival rate of 82% and got a good mileage through media and the official circuits too, but alas, it didn’t sound a bell straight into the hearts of people. We wanted people to self-realize the importance of keeping greens in their surroundings, be it indoors or outdoors. Hence we came up with the idea of starting small; starting The Leaf Story, this time starting inside out which includes a huge task of making people aware at first and then the loyalty towards an organic lifestyle follows.


What inspires you for the work you do?

Green crusaders, tree huggers, people raising a voice against rampant development, groups trying hard to make even a little difference and make this globe more livable, literally turns us on. These are the everyday inspirational lights we look out for. The search for such inspiration never ends, for which we travel a lot just to interact, live and learn from these gems.

What are the challenges you face in the work you do?

Many challenges come across our daily interactions with people and groups. Many have a huge misconception about “Mosquito Menace” without understanding that mosquitoes only breed where there is stagnant water and our designs promote ‘Save Water’, hence less watering is the key to our designs.

Also, “We don’t have time to maintain plants” is another common complaint, so they would rather remove any greenery (old or new) around them and live a green-free life. For such negligence, we have to break this misinformation and make people aware that greens are actually one of the most important factors of our existence.


What are the future goals of your company?

To make a solid stand about the necessity of greens in and around the spaces we live. To make our cities more breathable. We want to connect to more people at the grass-root level so that the afterthought lies in them for long. It matters a lot about the mentality we are growing up with, especially our surroundings. We plan to target a lot of corporate firms as well to get them involved in these green matters at higher levels too.

We know we are buying these planters as New Year gifts for our friends and family, are you? Let’s try and make this world a better place to live in. Order now through their Facebook and Instagram accounts. For any further queries, you can contact +91-9874857326.

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