March 10, 2021

Transform your child’s learning experiences

March 10, 2021

Transform your child’s learning experiences

Founded by Stuti Agarwal, Prodigy is a learning centre that fosters creativity and excellence in children through gamified methods and intriguing courses. They aspire to fuel a child’s curiosity through discovery-based learning processes including projects, experiments and expeditions.

Started in 2016, Prodigy is now a community of 1000+ students and 30+ incredible teachers, designers and product managers. Truly a collaborative and engaging philosophy, they transcend boundaries of traditional learning.

Immersing children in activities that enhance their growth and make them more motivated, the learning centre is sincerely dedicated to its cause. Through holistic learning, they aspire to be in par with international levels of education.

They believe in dynamic development of children, making them gain skills beyond textbooks. Through all of their hands-on methods, they create environments and structures that allow knowledge expansion to its fullest.


Prodigy has an array of specially curated courses that enhance multi-dimensional learning. Entailing courses on CBSE Core Academics, Hybrid Vedic Math and Skills Enhancement, it has something in store for every child’s interests.

Additionally, it has a special online Reader’s Club with interesting packs, namely: Shakespeare, Sherlock, and Harry Potter. This aims to kindle the joy of reading in children, while also making them independent thinkers.

This academic year, Prodigy is taking admissions for two offline courses starting April 1st. These include Academic Tuitions for CBSE kids in the 1st to 10th grade and a course on Skills Development for kids in the 1st to 8th grade. For fee structures and more details, please contact +917600010780.

If you aspire for your child to gain soft skills, learn about emotional intelligence, and approach lessons with curiosity, Prodigy is your answer. With this zestful environment, transform your kids into their best versions.