January 24, 2018

Meet the Faces behind iKoVerk | Revolutionizing the Work Culture in Surat

January 24, 2018

Meet the Faces behind iKoVerk | Revolutionizing the Work Culture in Surat


History is evident that whenever different kind of minds have come together and worked diligently, they have produced something extraordinary. Surat being the ever-evolving city is now at the threshold of experiencing a work-culture revolution. Here’s the new place sprouting in the city that is a result of the efforts of seven prominent personalities. iKoVerk is a vibrant coworking space where people from different backgrounds will come to work together and will yet grow individually. It is a community that will help a variety of businesses to flourish and also aid individuals to aim higher and achieve more from their professional lives.

According to the September 2015 issue of Harvard Business Review, people who work in coworking environment thrive substantially more than the employees who do their jobs in regular offices. There has to be something special about coworking spaces to yield this kind of a result. And iKoVerk comes as the epitome to shed some light on how coworking in a community can escalate professional growth.

Discover the seven luminaries behind iKoVerk, who came together to bring this state-of-the-art facility into existence:

  1. Ar. Snehal Shah is the founder of firms – EssTeam, Urban Initiatives, and EssAct, and one of the most successful Urban Designers in Surat. He has completed over 500 projects of varying scales in the last fifteen years, has garnered over 20 national and regional awards for the same and serves at the Dept. of Architecture, SCET, Surat as the Adjunct Professor.

Ar. Snehal Shah

He believes that iKoVerk is a cheerful inviting space for professional enthusiasts, rather than the typical, modular, corporate culture that we are used to seeing. Surat has a plenty of potential for emerging entrepreneurs and free-minded, energetic youth, who need a platform like this to kick-start their ideas and bring about the change.

  1. CA Mehul Shah is a Partner at the renowned firm of Chartered Accountants Rasesh Shah and Associates and a Lead Consultant to an Online Platform for Startups He regularly represents as a legal counsel for taxpayer before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal and Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals ). He has played a pivotal role in building a Startup ecosystem in Surat and has mentored and got more than 25 Startups from Surat get “Certificate of Innovation” under the PM Modi led Startup India Initiative.

CA Mehul Shah

He emphasizes that iKoVerk is a community-driven enterprise. The coworkers will not just work there; they will become part of a community that strives to be successful while empowering others to follow the suit

  1. Nachiket Patel is the Lead Developer and VP of India Operations at Metrodigi Inc, with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and startup industry. His expertise lies in dealing with JavaScript, React, Angular, Dockers, Android, Java, Software Architecture, Object Oriented Design, and System Architecture.


He feels that iKoVerk as a community will bring an interesting mix of people together. It will enrich the fresher and guide them thoroughly in their attempts. And maybe at one point in time, with a variety of skilled people under one roof, it will help to get complimentary opportunities for all.

  1. Hetvi Choksi is the founder and MD of Digital Door, a social media marketing agency that specializes in handling operations across various social media platforms. She also heads Digital Door Surat, a hyperlocal blog site that curates genuine stories and brings all that’s happening in Surat, under one web page.

Hetvi Choksi

She reckons that iKoVerk will become the much-needed juncture for a lot many aspirants in Surat. Through proper guidance, assistance and mentorship, it will help them transform their ideas into realities.

  1. Dr. Nirav Shah is the Medical director of Prizma Eye Care Hospitals and has been a former Medical Director of Vasan Eye Care Hospital. He is practicing in the field for 14 years and has performed more than 30000 cataract surgeries and 12000 refractive surgeries.

Dr. Nirav Shah

Since coworking is the future of work culture around the globe, he thinks that iKoVerk, through its amenities and facilities will help Surat to become a part of this evolution.

  1. Amish Jain is the CFO of BMEF, Curator at Insight Talks, Co-Founder of and a Startup Evangelist. He is an Entrepreneur and Leader in Education sector and On-demand service Industry and has even published a Paper in International Multidisciplinary E-Journal. He has also been closely working with Bhagwan Mahavir Education Foundation for a decade.


He reflects that iKoVerk will change this city’s work culture, as we know it. With the vibrant group of mentors and their experiences, the coworkers will be able to learn and understand a lot of practical things and gain wisdom.

  1. Harsh Kukadia is the founder of HK Concepts that pioneers in manufacturing and supplying high-quality consumer electronic products. He has made a one-of-its-kind 3D Printing Machine and has developed the software for STIFF-FLOP (a robot developed by the robotics department with a €7.35 million grant from European Commission).


He hopes that iKoVerk will break the preconception that coworking space is limited to establishing software development businesses. He believes it to be the perfect platform where the scope of hardware development in the industry will be imparted.



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