January 23, 2017

Three eateries on THIS side of the River that you absolutely need to Visit…

January 23, 2017

Three eateries on THIS side of the River that you absolutely need to Visit…

January is a month of new beginnings and it usually brings a fresh and spirited excitement while we prepare for its homecoming. The air around the time gets all piqued up with newfound verve and we all fantasize the whole upcoming year to hold on the same bar. But back to reality, we are just into the third week of 2k17 and our enthusiasm is already plummeting. Our slumpy old routine is getting the better of us and even boring is drab. Well, a long weekend is just around the corner and this might be our perfect chance to revive and relax while treating ourselves. With, Surat being as progressive as a city can get, there are a lot of new places sprouting up to be explored while making the weekend count!

Starting off with what might appeal to your heart’s musings and stomach’s ramblings, here are a few tip-offs for the spirited – places where you can eat and binge and then go back for more :

The Hashtag – Ink Deco Cafe, Citylight

If you are an artist, if artistic expression intrigues you, if you often feel the music beats rumbling deep in your skin and by pure chance, you also happen to love exquisitely good food, then ‘The Hashtag’ is definitely the place you would want to visit! It’s the new diner in town that proudly tags itself with ‘Tattoo’, ‘Cafe’, ‘Music’ & ‘Art’. With figurative interiors, bohemian paraphernalia and palpable live music, the Hashtag tugs your traveller heart and brings out the gypsy in you.

Sample their warm decadent waffles loaded with sinful nutella and fruity goodness that will probably get you licking off the tray. We swear by their closed pizza – it comes as this secretive crabby looking thing which is big on surprise and high on taste. One more please!! Wash it down with their freshly brewed coffee or steaming hot chocolate.

Apart from their regular fares like pasta and pizzas, they have some surprisingly well crafted Indian delicacies like Rajma ki Galoti and Paneer on popsicles. Every corner of the place is vivid and undeniably divergent, pick what appeals to you and feel home. From book and music lovers to tattoo enthusiasts, there’s something for every patron who happens to enter the cafe. A must visit place to refresh your senses and ward off the monotony of everyday. You can follow them here to get more details.

LSD (Love Sugar Dough), Vesu​

Chef Edward Lee once said that, “Desert is like a feel good song and the best ones make you dance.” Well, with that being said it becomes imperative to trumpet the opening of LSD. Yes, it is back to make us groove with its food! A well known name among retail bakeries, LSD charms us with its sweet delights. With solid, pragmatic designs intertwined with subtly playful hues, the interiors are thoughtfully kept minimalist yet comfortably inviting.

LSD boasts of lovingly baked cupcakes in different flavors. You can pick them up readily from their store or call them and pre-order for a large batch. The cupcakes can be customized for baby showers, engagements or just sweet nothings.

LSD’s custom cakes will leave you swooning. You can give them your choice or choose from their vast array of designs. Imagine the smell of freshly baked bread and whipped cream of different flavors, what more could a person with sweet tooth ask for? LSD aces at bringing us the mouthwatering cupcakes and much more, with its unprecedented quality and down-to- zero customization options. In a city where first comes love and second comes desserts, this place promises to help you create and share memories with your loved ones. You can follow their drool worthy bakes here.

Slurrp, Ghod Dod Road and Vesu

If you are a food junkie and love trying out new flavours every now and then, but the fetters of health consciousness is nudging and stopping you on your adventure, then this colorful, perky studio turned restaurant, Slurrp, is your savior! It epitomizes the perfect blend of health and flavor for you. With its striking scooter at the entrance and vivid lighting inside, it welcomes one with its alfresco dining setup. If ‘Detox, Destress & Deflate’ is your mantra and you are seeking equilibrium of health and food, this is the place for you!

Load up on Slurrp’s health smoothies and shakes with the right blend of fruits and sweetness that’s natural and doesn’t leave you feeling dehydrated. Check their range of Lebanese rolls, falafels that are full of flavor and cooked to perfection, here. And when the winter is pulling you down, slurp on their warm chicken soup with hearty chunks of chicken – whoever said Chicken Soup is for the soul must have eaten at Slurrp.

We don’t mean to sound like gluttons but we couldn’t stop ordering pizza and ogle at the next table loaded with pastas. OK Sorry.

For all who want to keep this new year’s spirit intact, exploration is the key!

And if you really have the zest and appetite to go for it and treat yourself, then dine in style at the Hashtag, satisfy the sweet tooth at LSD and detox at the refreshing Slurrp!

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