February 6, 2019


February 6, 2019


freny jariwala

Being a mother is a mammoth task but being a working mother is a feat in itself. A woman’s role in the society is directly or indirectly defined by the position she maintains in her home. Motherhood changes everything, amidst the mounting responsibilities and playing multiple roles, priorities of a person gets shuffled. Heroes, like they say rise above the occasion with only dreams to fulfill and no capes to hide.

Freny Jariwala, a powerhouse of a woman, turned the norms around to accelerate her career after becoming a mother with her marque brand ‘Sesame Street Play-school’ at Piplod which successfully garnered immense love and support from the people of the city. She independently also introduced the idea of daycare to Surat and is taking it forward by tying it up with corporate. A mother, a daughter and the other roles she plays, let’s find out what does it take to be in her shoes.

Baby Steps

Freny started her educational life in Lourdes Convent High School, Surat after which she attended the Vanita Vishram School and finally completed her education from SNDT College with a degree in Bachelors of Commerce. Fun-loving yet judicious, Freny had always wanted to make it big. From being a full-time fashion designer from the age of 17 to a full-time mom, she was charged up for it all. Things changed when her son Aarav who is almost three years old now entered her life, but that did not stop the fire within her.

Her journey speaks about how she had figured everything out. Effortlessly juggling between family life and professional life, Freny is still strongly connected to her family traditions and values. She says, “You don’t really need anarchy to chase your dreams.” And to that, we all say aye!


Bringing Sesame Street Playschool to life

Freny has been career-oriented from the very beginning. After giving birth to her son, she wanted to bring down the shallow walls the society had created around working women. She wanted to break the stereotypes that the society had about life after becoming a mother. Working towards smashing barriers along with wanting to spend quality time with her child gave way to opening the playschool and child-care centre- Sesame Street Play-school, 40 days after giving birth to her son. The acquisition of the franchise was an uphill task but Freny, with her never say die spirit did not give up. She underwent the Sesame training course thrice and also took up various other marketing courses for the same.

Owing to the strict rules, multiple check system along with a particular standard to be reached, made Sesame a very difficult nut to crack. Its exclusivity was what made her wait for a solid four years before she got the green signal.

Her pillars of strength

Freny was blessed to have a strong family standing behind her as her pillars of strength. Their backing and their encouragement were all she needed to make it big. Her mother-in-law Mrs.Neha Jariwala who already has an established name in the preschool industry with an experience of over 15 years gave her the motivation to move forward with it. Even her father-in-law wanted her to do something, so he encouraged her to take on what she felt like doing and pushed her to move forward. Her husband, Hiral Jariwala was there with her through it all, backing her in every way possible. What mattered to her the most was her son’s support, and that was something she instantly received. She shares, “Today whatever I am and have made for myself is because of the support I have received from my family. I am truly grateful and blessed to have them in my life.”

Looking ahead

Freny talks about the future plans for herself and Sesame Street. She along with her mother-in-law, Mrs. Neha Jariwala and her sister-in-law, Ms.Suchi Jariwala want to give their all to this center and personally look after its working. She wants to upkeep the reputation that the center has made for itself. She is working towards bringing to life different play-are setups. Freny has always cultivated an ecosystem of positive development of women in and around her, hence she has plans to tie up her daycare facilities with corporate. This initiative of hers will let working mothers like her live their dream as they embrace motherhood. For her, it was never about working for money but instead doing something for personal satisfaction and doing well for the society. Keeping in mind her goals and her actions, her endeavor speaks for itself.

Her story is all about the unstoppable new-age moms and them building a futuristic society. It tells us if you have the madness and the will and the universe will pave the path for you.

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